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Examples of some of our resources are shown below and a full list of down loadable resources are on the file sharing page.

Engaging with God

This document contains a list of resources to help with engaging with God through bible reading and prayer.


17 Sep Pressing On and Standing FirmKeith Boulden
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Being Missional


Eat with Other people

Walk, Don't Drive

Say Hello to people you know

Pray as you walk

Hang out with work colleagues

Be a regular

Join in with what's going on

Serve Your neighbours

Leave the house in the evenings

Tell work colleagues you go to Church

Use local and Global events to pass on the Gospel

Ask people if they have any issues that you may pray for them about.

Create a Street email list for safety.

Host a Sports Game Hosting Party.

Have a Coffee & Desert Night

Sermon Outline for 17th September 2021 

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