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Sunday Services

Sunday @ 9:30am

Our 9:30 am service is for people of all ages, from babies to Seniors!  The church space is all on one level, providing easy access for seniors.  There is also a ramp along the side of the building which provides easy access for people with a disability.

  • It has a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

  • It’s an interactive service that often includes the chance for people to share what God’s been doing in their lives and to pray together.

  • We enjoy worshipping God in song, because singing uniquely engages heart, mind and voice to give God the glory and nurture our relationship with him. This service features modern worship music, but there is often a traditional hymn as well.

  • There’s an entertaining talk for the kids and a kids’ song, then they can go to Sunday school or preschool for the second half of the service.  There are purpose-built areas for Sunday school classes and there's a sound-proof crèche for small children and their parents.

  • We sometimes have interviews and the chance to ask questions following the Bible talk.

  • The service usually goes for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

Keith1 (1).jpg
  • After the service, we stay around for a coffee and a bite to eat – which is a great time to meet and chat with people.

Our desire is for people to find healing from brokenness, and learn to walk in the new life that Jesus can bring.


Sunday @ 6:00pm

This is the service for those of us who aren’t morning people!  All ages are welcome.  When we meet, we learn together from the Bible, pray and catch up with friends and meet new people.

The 6:00pm service is warm, relaxed and informal like the 9:30 am service.

But it is slightly different in these ways:


  • It features modern worship music with live music from the band.

  • It sometimes includes an interview, testimony or video to reinforce the teaching about Jesus and help people to see the difference he makes in our lives.

  • There is often the opportunity for questions and discussion together.

  • We sometimes have a pizza dinner after the service.

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